Geom may stand for:

  • An abbreviation of geometry
  • GEOM, a modular disk framework used in FreeBSD 5.0 and newer.
  • The God Emperor of Mankind, one of the core characters in the Warhammer 40,000 fictional universe.

Other articles related to "geom":

Modern Bonguk Geom
... The name bonguk geom is now widely adapted by contemporary Korean sword styles, like Haidong Gumdo, to give expression to the presumably Korean roots of their art ... And doesn't necessarily have a direct connection with the bonguk geom techniques of the Joseon period or even the Sill Dynasty ... styles like Sippalgi that the bonguk geom skills of the Muyesinbo and Muyedobotongji are preserved ...
Geom Raid5 - Comparing To Other Software RAID5 Solutions
... The reason for this huge difference lies in geom_raid5's design ... In order to write data to a RAID5 volume, data must often first be read in order to calculate the parity information that protects against data loss in case of a single disk failure ...
Geom Raid5 - Variants
... Various incarnations of geom raid5 exist which trade off speed for memory usage ... geom_raid5 The most stable version but slower than the other variants in certain cases geom_raid5 TNG Uses more memory to deliver better transfer rates geom_raid5 PP Memory usage and speed is in between the TNG and PP ...
Muyesinbo - Content
... Jukjangchang (Long bamboe spear) Gichang (Spear with flag) Yedo (Short sword) Wae geom (Japanese sword) Gyojeon (Sword sparring techniques) Woldo (Moonsword) Hyeopdo (Spearsword) Ssang ...