• (adj): (of investments) distributed among a variety of securities.
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Distributed Networking
... Distributed Networking is a distributed computing network system, said to be "distributed" when the computer programming and the data to be worked on are spread ... it extremely challenging to manage their distributed network in the traditional client/server computing model ... networking vendors have started to sprout offering solutions for enterprise distributed networking needs ...
Justin Nozuka
... the album to indie label Coalition Entertainment Records, distributed by Warner Music in Canada, Outcaste Records in the UK/EU distributed by EMI and Glassnote Records in the US distributed by ...
Distributed Active Transformer
... Distributed active transformer is a circuit topology that allows low-voltage transistors to be used to generate large amounts of RF (radio frequency) power ... At the time it was introduced, the distributed active transformer gave over an order of magnitude performance improvement over the previous state of the art ...
List Of Soft Drinks By Country - Italy
130% – produced by El Badaoui Group srl, Milano)) Crodino (non-alcoholic aperitif distributed by the Campari Group) Crodo (large line of mineral water, soda, juice, and iced tea distributed by the ...
Distributed Multi-Link Trunking
... Distributed Multi-Link Trunking (DMLT) or Distributed MLT is a proprietary computer networking protocol designed by Nortel Networks, and now owned by Avaya, used to load balance the network traffic ...

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  • (adj): Spread out or scattered about or divided up.

Famous quotes containing the word distributed:

    Taking food alone tends to make one hard and coarse. Those accustomed to it must lead a Spartan life if they are not to go downhill. Hermits have observed, if for only this reason, a frugal diet. For it is only in company that eating is done justice; food must be divided and distributed if it is to be well received.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)

    Indiana was really, I suppose, a Democratic State. It has always been put down in the book as a state that might be carried by a close and careful and perfect organization and a great deal of—[from audience: “soap”Ma reference to purchased votes, the word being followed by laughter].
    I see reporters here, and therefore I will simply say that everybody showed a great deal of interest in the occasion, and distributed tracts and political documents all through the country.
    Chester A. Arthur (1829–1886)