• (adj): Serving to express or indicate possession.
    Example: "The genitive endings"
    Synonyms: possessive
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Adverbial Genitive
... In grammar, an adverbial genitive is a noun declined in the genitive case that functions as an adverb ...
History Of Polish - Changes in Grammar - Declension - Nouns - Genitive
... in the declension of pronouns, was applied to all nouns in genitive and dative and to feminine nouns in the locative if a noun had an old stem ending in -ja- paniej ...
Genitive Connector
... Genitive connector is a term used in grammatical contexts of several languages and especially the Bantu languages to denote special word categories ... be achieved through the use of these genitive connectors ... Example of a chain formed through compounding by conjunction by use of genitive connector Mayai ya kuku wa kienyeji ...
Archaic Dutch Declension - Usage of The Dutch Case System - Genitive
... The genitive (tweede naamval) is used in following cases As a possessive 's mans hoed (an archaic expression the man's hat), Peters vriend (Peter's friend) As a generalising attribute Zoon des mensen (Son of man ... phrase) de hoed van de man The (possessive) genitives of the personal pronouns are normally replaced by the possessive pronouns een vriend mijner (a friend of mine ...
Luwians - Luwian Possessive Adjectives
... Indo-European suffix -as for the singular genitive and -an for the plural genitive, the "canonical" Luwian as used in cuneiform employed instead a possessive suffix -assa ... but in Iron Age texts in hieroglyphic transmission they compete with the inherited genitives ...

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