Generalised Exchange

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Alliance Theory - Elementary Structures and Complex Structures
... structural "models" of marriage exchange ... to offer a single explanation for cross-cousin marriage, sister-exchange, dual organisation and rules of exogamy ... When groups exchange women on a regular basis they marry together, with each marriage creating a debtor/creditor relationship which must be balanced through the "repayment ...
The Structural Anthropology of Lévi-Strauss
... Gift exchanges, therefore play a crucial role in creating and maintaining social relationships by establishing bonds of obligations ... Social relationships are therefore based on exchange Durkheimian solidarity, according to Mauss, is best achieved through structures of reciprocity and related systems of ... Based on this concept, he argued that exchange is the universal basis of kinship systems, the structures of which would depend on the type of marriage rules that are applied ...

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    We never exchange more than three words with a Friend in our lives on that level to which our thoughts and feelings almost habitually rise.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)