General Topology

In mathematics, general topology or point-set topology is the branch of topology which studies properties of topological spaces and structures defined on them. It is distinct from other branches of topology in that the topological spaces may be very general, and do not have to be at all similar to manifolds. General topology provides the most general framework where fundamental concepts of topology such as open/closed sets, continuity, interior/exterior/boundary points, and limit points could be defined.

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Glossary Of Topology
... terms used in the branch of mathematics known as topology ... distinction between different areas of topology, the focus here is on general topology ... are also fundamental to algebraic topology, differential topology and geometric topology ...
Areas Of Mathematics - Major Divisions of Mathematics - Geometry and Topology
... geometry using calculus, and is very closely related to differential topology ... See also the glossary of differential geometry and topology ... Topology Deals with the properties of a figure that do not change when the figure is continuously deformed ...
General Topology - Scope
... More specifically, it is in general topology that basic notions are defined and theorems about them proved ... Set-theoretic topology examines such questions when they have substantial relations to set theory, as is often the case ... Other main branches of topology are algebraic topology, geometric topology, and differential topology ...

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