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Custos (Franciscans)
... the Order - Guardians, Ministers Provincial, and even to the Minister General ... to elect and to depose the Minister General ... deemed expedient that only one of the several custodes of a province should proceed to the General Chapter with his respective Minister Provincial for the election of the Minister ...
Bonagratia De San Giovanni In Persiceto - Historical Context
... XXI employed Jerome of Ascoli, Minister General of the Franciscans, and John of Vercelli, Master of the Dominicans, as mediators in the war between Philip III of France ... had appointed Bonagratia to represent him at the General Chapter of Padua in 1276 ... On 20 May 1279, he convened the General Chapter of Assisi, at which Bonagratia was elected Minister General ...
Peter Marchant - Life
... In 1625 he was elected definitor general of the order at the general chapter held in Rome and in 1639 was appointed commissary general over the provinces of ... His duties as commissary general brought him into contact with Irish politics during the times of the Confederation of Kilkenny ... in connection with the Irish question, and in 1661 he addressed to the general chapter then assembled in Rome his apologia under the title of "Relatio veridica et sincera ...
Cistercians - History - High and Late Middle Ages - Decline and Attempted Reforms
... For a long time, the General Chapter continued to battle bravely against the invasion of relaxations and abuses ... Absenteeism among Irish abbots at the General Chapter became a persistent and much criticised problem in the 13th century, and escalated into the conspiratio Mellifontis, a "rebellion" by the abbeys ... In 1228, the General Chapter sent the Abbot of Stanley in Wiltshire, Stephen of Lexington, on a well-documented visitation to reform the Irish houses ...
Augustinian Friars - History - Organization of The Order - Government
1309), prior general of the order from 1298 to 1300, and by Clement of Osimo ... The Rule and Constitutions were approved at the general chapter held at Florence in 1287 and at Ratisbon in 1290 ... of the order is as follows At the head is the prior general ...

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    When one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language.
    John Donne (c. 1572–1631)

    It was the words “descended into Hades”
    That seemed too pagan to our liberal youth.
    You know they suffered from a general onslaught.
    And well, if they weren’t true why keep right on
    Saying them like the heathen? We could drop them.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)