General American

General American (GA), also known as Standard American English (SAE), is a major accent of American English. The accent is not restricted to the United States. Within American English, General American and accents approximating it are contrasted with Southern American English, several Northeastern accents, and other distinct regional accents and social group accents like African American Vernacular English.

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Pronunciation Respelling For English - International Phonetic Alphabet
... dictionaries which provide both British and American English pronunciation ... British and American English dialects have a similar set of phonemes, but some are pronounced differently in technical parlance, they consist of different phones ... system being phonemic, it is not far from much of General American pronunciation as well ...
North American English Regional Phonology - General American
... General American is a notional accent of American English perceived by Americans to be most "neutral" and free of regional characteristics ... A General American accent is not a specific well-defined standardized accent in the way that Received Pronunciation (RP) has historically been the standard, prestigious ... One feature that General American is generally agreed to include is rhotic pronunciation, which maintains the coda in words like pearl, car, and court ...
Algur H. Meadows - Life
... Trippett, founded a loan company, the General Finance Company, which became the General American Finance System in 1930 ... Gilliland, a petroleum expert, to form the General American Oil Company, the headquarters of which were moved from Shreveport to Dallas in 1937 ... Meadows became the president and major stockholder of the General American Oil Company in 1941 and was elected chairman of the board in 1950 ...
General American - Outside of English Speaking Nations
... General American is a typical accent spoken by many non-native speakers of the English language due to the heavy influence on these nations by American media such as ...
Phonological History Of English High Front Vowels - Weak-vowel Merger
... complete in the Southern Hemisphere accents and General American, and complete in Hiberno-English ... In General American, this became /ɚ/ in all positions ... as a weak vowel at all in modern Received Pronunciation and General American, this tends to sound archaic or stilted ...

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    Gowns, and pecuniary foundations, though of towns of gold, can never countervail the least sentence or syllable of wit. Forget this, and our American colleges will recede in their public importance, whilst they grow richer every year.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Then comes my fit again. I had else been perfect,
    Whole as the marble, founded as the rock,
    As broad and general as the casing air.
    But now I am cabined, cribbed, confined, bound in
    To saucy doubts and fears.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)