Gelemso (Ge'ez ገለምሶ ) is a town in eastern Ethiopia, in the western periphery of the highly networked mountain chain referred to by the natives as Fugug but by geographers as the Ahmar Mountains. The administrative center of Habro woreda in the Mirab (West) Hararghe Zone of the Oromia Regional State, it has a latitude and longitude of 8°49′N 40°31′E / 8.817°N 40.517°E / 8.817; 40.517Coordinates: 8°49′N 40°31′E / 8.817°N 40.517°E / 8.817; 40.517.

Gelemso is the origin of a variety of khat called by the same name (Gelemso). It is also a scene of an Amharic novel known as Akel Dama (the Bloody Land), written by Theodros Mulatu in 1991.

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Ahmad Taqi Sheikh Mohammed Rashid - Armed Struggle
... In May 1974, Elemo went to Gelemso, and made necessary arrangements to launch armed struggle against government authorities ... advised him to begin the struggle in the mountains of Guba Koricha (50 km north of Gelemso) ... Mulatu's dead body was brought to Gelemso ...
Gelemso - History - From The 1974 Revolution Up To 1992
... Dergue came to power in 1974, more attention was given to Gelemso ... the health centre, two primary schools, the current Gelemso High school, the multi purpose city assembly hall (a unique at the time in all of Eastern ... Gelemso was also the first town of Eastern Ethiopia where the Development Bank of Ethiopia had opened its branch (now this branch had moved to Chiro or Asbeteferi ) ...