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Other Inventions

These have included:

  • A necktie- / shoelace-tying device
  • A ceiling-suspended table
  • A self-heating duffle coat
  • A rotating Christmas tree
  • A pneumatic ashtray
  • An electric scarecrow
  • A folding bicycle
  • A remote-controlled electric iron
  • A mini-lawnmower (to mow around daisies)
  • A suit of armour for mice
  • A solar-powered flashlight
  • An electric cigar cutter, shaped like a guillotine which almost worked like a guillotine for the users' fingers.
  • An automatic hammer. The inevitable "gaffe" being that you first had to nail it to the wall.
  • A seatbelt made of rubber, for easy access to the mailbox from the car.
  • A coffeemaker which produces so stiff a drink, it renders the drinker (Gaston himself and De Mesmaeker) hyperenergetic, agitated and utterly unable to use even a pen without destroying it.
  • A tanning umbrella, to tan (or sunburn) when it is raining
  • A perpetual motion machine.

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