Garou may refer to:

  • A word from the French "loup-garou", meaning "werewolf"
  • Garou (singer) a French Canadian singer
    • Garou (album), the 2006 eponymous album by Garou
  • Garou (World of Darkness), the race of werewolves in White Wolf's World of Darkness role-playing game
  • Garou Densetsu ("Legend of the Hungry Wolf"), the Japanese title of the Fatal Fury fighting games, created by SNK for the Neo-Geo system
    • Garou: Mark of the Wolves, the ninth and final game in the Fatal Fury series for the Neo-Geo hardware
  • Garou, Benin, town and arrondissement of Benin

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La Rivière De Notre Enfance
... de notre enfance" is the name of a 2004 song recorded in duet by the Canadian singer Garou and the French artist Michel Sardou ... It was released on November 2004 as the third single from Garou's second studio album, Reviens, on which it features as 17th track, and the first single from Sardou's album, Du Plaisir (fourth track) ... It was the fourth #1 hit in France for Garou, allowing him to be the artist who totals the most weeks at #1 in this country ...
List Of The Dresden Files Organizations - Werewolves - Loup-garou
... A Loup-garou is the closest to the monsters of legend ... The curse of the loup-garou can be hereditary if the one who placed the curse specified it as such ... As such, Loup-garou attacks on the populace are thankfully rare ...
Garou (album)
... Garou is the third studio album recorded by the Canadian singer Garou, and his fourth album overall ...
Changing Breed - Introduction
... Though the most widespread, Garou are not the only shapeshifters in the World of Darkness ... The Fera (also called the Changing Breeds) is a term used by Garou to refer to other shapechangers ... In several parts of the world, the Fera gather in groups not unlike the Garou Nation ...