Garde may refer to:

  • Garde, Spain, town and municipality in Navarre, Spain
  • Garde, Tibet, village in Tibet
  • Garde, Shetland
  • Gârde, a village in Bistra Commune, Alba County, Romania
  • Gärde, an area in the north of Offerdal, Jämtland, Sweden
  • Adele De Garde, American actress
  • Betty Garde (1905-1989), American actress
  • Giedo van der Garde (born 1985), Dutch race car driver
  • Rémi Garde (born 1966), French footballer
  • Thomas Vilhelm Garde (1859-1926), Danish naval officer and Arctic explorer
  • Škoda Garde, car produced by Škoda Auto
  • Bière de Garde, farmhouse beer style from Northern France,

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