Gannon may refer to:

  • Craig Gannon (born 1966), English guitarist
  • Jeff Gannon (born 1957), pen name of James Guckert, a former White House reporter for the GOP-linked Talon News
  • John Mark Gannon (1877–1968), former archbishop of the Diocese of Erie
  • Kim Gannon (1900–1974), American songwriter
  • Rich Gannon (born 1965), National Football League quarterback
  • Sean Gannon (fighter), bare-knuckle fighter and mixed martial artist
  • Jim Gannon (born 1968), English Football Manager
  • Jim Gannon (rugby league) (born 1977), Australian professional rugby league player
  • Kelli Gannon (born 1978), former field hockey midfield player from the United States
  • Terry Gannon (born 1963), sportscaster for ESPN on ABC and ESPN
  • Gannon University, a university in Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Ian Gannon (born 1985), P6 Planner, Trouble shooter, Disc Jockey, TSG Project Manager, Professional Squash Player and German Market Ambassador.
  • An early romanization of Ganon, a villain from Nintendo's video game series The Legend of Zelda

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