Game Link Cable - Third Generation

Third Generation

The third generation started with the release of the Game Boy Advance which was released alongside its own link cable called the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable (model AGB-005) It features yet another new type of link cable port which is used on the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Player. This link cable can only be used for connecting Game Link compatible Game Boy Advance games. The cable also features a link cable 'hub' in the middle allowing the use of up to two additional link cables to connect up to four players at once, in this configuration the plugs are designed so as to be only inserted into the hub in one way due to the plug shapes.

The port design on the third generation is almost identical to the second generation link cable ports except that it adds an extra protrusion on the plug and a notch on the socket to prevent a Game Boy Advance Game Link cable from being accidentally inserted into older model Game Boy systems. The almost identical shape of the port allows the Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP and Game Boy Player to accept all the second generation Game Link Cables, but only for backward compatibility between Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. The second generation Game Link cable cannot be used to link Game Boy Advance games, and the third generation Game Link Cable cannot be used to link Game Boy or Game Boy Color games.

The e-Reader also uses the third generation link cable port, but since it is incompatible with Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, it is not backwards compatible with the second generation Game Link Cable.

Also compatible with Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, e-Reader, and Game Boy Player is the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter (model AGB-015). The adapter allows up to five players to link for multiplayer gaming, although it is capable of linking up to thirty-nine copies of Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen in a virtual in-game lobby called the "Union Room." Unlike the AGB-005, the wireless adapter is not compatible with all Game Boy Advance multiplayer games. Only certain games feature specific support for the AGB-015.

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