Game Link Cable - First Generation

First Generation

The first generation Game Link Cable (model DMG-04) was released alongside the original Game Boy and has 'large' connectors on both ends. It can only be used to link two original Game Boys to play Game Link-compatible games, usually denoted by a "Game Link" logo (often read as "Game Boy Video Link") on the packaging and cartridge.

A select few Game Boy games, such as F-1 Race, supported multiplayer modes for up to four players, although this requires the use of up to three additional Game Link cables and the Game Boy Four Player Adapter (model DMG-07).

After the release of the Game Boy Pocket, Nintendo started using a smaller Game Link connector (See 'Second Generation' below) and released an adaptor called the Game Link Cable Adaptor (model MGB-004) which could be used in conjunction with the original Game Link cable (model DMG-04) to allow an original Game Boy to connect to a Game Boy Pocket/Color.

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