Gallus may refer to:

  • several ancient Romans; see Gallus (cognomen)
  • Gaius Cornelius Gallus (ca. 70 BC–26 BC), Roman poet, orator and politician (in later life, Prefect of Egypt)
  • Constantius Gallus (ca. 325/326 – 354) member of the Constantinian dynasty and Caesar of the Roman Empire (351–354).
  • Saint Gall (Saint Gallus), 7th century
  • Gallus Anonymus, a chronicler working in 11th and 12th century Poland
  • Thomas Gallus, ca. 1200-1246
  • Nicolaus Gallus (1516–1570), a Lutheran Reformer
  • Jacobus Gallus (1550–1591), composer
  • Gallus Mag, real name unknown, an early 19th Century female bouncer at a New York bar.
  • Sandor (Alexander) Gallus, Australian archaeologist
  • Gallus, the Latin word for an inhabitant of Gaul
  • Gallus, the singular form of Galli, the eunuch priests of Cybele
  • gallus, the Latin word for rooster or cockerel
  • Gallus (biology), the bird genus in the pheasant family that includes the wild form of the domesticated chicken Gallus gallus.
  • Gallus (constellation), The Cockerel, an obsolete constellation
  • Gallus (Frankfurt am Main), former Gallusviertel, a district of Frankfurt, Germany
  • Gallus (album) is the second album by the Scottish rock band Gun.
  • Gallus, usually used in the plural, another word for suspenders
  • Gallus, a British dialect word, chiefly Scottish, derogatory in origin and meaning "wild, a rascal; deserving to be hanged (from the Gallows)"; later meaning:
  1. Self-confident, daring, cheeky;
  2. Stylish, impressive.
  • Gallus Cycles is a hand-crafted bicycle company in Fort Worth, Texas.

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Lucius Caninius Gallus
... Lucius Caninius Gallus (died 44 BC) was a Roman politician of the Roman Republic ... Gallus was of plebs status and came from a family of consular rank ... Gallus was a contemporary and friend to dictator Gaius Julius Caesar, also to politicians Marcus Terentius Varro and Marcus Tullius Cicero ...
Barbatio - Fall of Gallus
... origin, began his rise when he was appointed to command the household troops of Caesar Gallus, a cousin of the Emperor Constantius II ... betrayed his position of trust, beginning a whispering campaign against Gallus, which led to his downfall in 354 ... Contrary to these assurances, Gallus was taken to Pola, where he was beheaded, and his face mutilated after execution ...
Apodemius - Biography
... go to Poetovio, arrest his cousin and caesar of the East Constantius Gallus and bring him to Pula, where trial awaited him ... When Constantius ordered Gallus to be put to death for treason, Apodemius, Serenianus and the notarius Pentadius executed the sentence immediately after, Apodemius grabbed Gallus' shoes, rode quickly from Pula ... was Julian, half-brother of Constantius Gallus ...
Sieciech - Biography
... All information about Sieciech has come down from the chronicler Gallus Anonymus ... the exact dates of his birth and death are unknown, he is said by Gallus Anonymus to have lived in the second half of the 11th century ... According to Gallus Anonymus, Sieciech ruled heavy handedly ...