Gag Bit

The gag bit is a type of bit for a horse. With two sets of reins, the gag bit gives a rider the ability to use either a standard direct action or a gag action. In this, the gag bit is related to a Pelham bit and a double bridle. Unlike these, however, the gag bit has no curb strap.

Some styles of gag bit are integral to a special bridle, known as a gag bridle; others are used with a standard bridle. Inside the horse's mouth, the gag bit may be jointed like a snaffle bit or smooth like a Mullen mouth bit.

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Types of Gag Bits
... Gag Snaffle similar in shape to a snaffle, with a mouthpiece and a ring on either side ... Each bit ring has two holes one on the top and one on the bottom ... Gag cheekpieces, made of rounded leather or of rope, are run through these holes ...

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