Gabriel Bethlen

Gabriel Bethlen (de Iktár) (Hungarian: Bethlen Gábor, Romanian: Gabriel Bethlen, German: Gabriel Bethlen von Iktár; 1580 – November 15, 1629) was a king of Hungary as Gabriel I (1620-1621), prince of Transylvania (1613–1629), duke of Opole (1622–1625) and leader of an anti-Habsburg insurrection in the Habsburg Royal Hungary. His last armed intervention in 1626 was part of the Thirty Years' War. He led an active Protestant-oriented foreign policy.

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History Of Transylvania - Modern Era - Early Modern Era: Transylvania As An Autonomous Principality
... Bocskay's successors Transylvania had its golden age, especially under the reigns of Gabriel Bethlen and George I Rákóczi ... Gabriel Bethlen, who reigned from 1613 to 1629, perpetually thwarted all efforts of the emperor to oppress or circumvent his subjects, and won reputation ... Bethlen's successor, George I Rákóczi, was equally successful ...
Gabriel Bethlen - Life - Prince of Transylvania
... In 1613, Bethlen led a large army against Prince Báthory, but in the same year Báthory was murdered by two of his officers ... Bethlen was placed on the throne by the Ottomans in opposition to the wishes of the Austrian Habsburg emperor, who preferred a prince who would incline more toward Vienna than toward Ottoman ... In 1615, Bethlen was also officially recognized by the Emperor Matthias as the Prince of Transylvania Bethlen promised in secret that he would help the ...

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