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British Dependencies - Citizenship
... its own nationality status, and all citizens are classed as British Overseas Territories citizens (BOTC) ... Historically, most inhabitants of the British Empire held the status of British subject, which was usually lost upon independence ... From 1949, British subjects in the United Kingdom and the remaining colonies became citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies ...
South Asians In Hong Kong - Nationality and Right of Abode - British Nationality
... See also British nationality law and Hong Kong Despite its participation in treaties for reduction of statelessness, the British government has not dealt with issues of nationality of South ... With their citizenship in limbo, by the 1990s many Indians in Hong Kong reportedly would not even marry among themselves, preferring to look overseas for potential spouses with foreign passports ... Some rich South Asians were granted full British citizenship under the British Nationality Selection Scheme, but the Home Office opposed a blanket grant for fears of the precedent it might set ...

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