Fujitsu Cup - Past Winners and Runners-up

Past Winners and Runners-up

Year Nat. Winner Nat. Runner-up
1988 Takemiya Masaki Rin Kaiho
1989 Takemiya Masaki Rin Kaiho
1990 Rin Kaiho Nie Weiping
1991 Cho Chikun Qian Yuping
1992 Otake Hideo O Rissei
1993 Yoo Changhyuk Cho Hunhyun
1994 Cho Hunhyun Yoo Changhyuk
1995 Ma Xiaochun Kobayashi Koichi
1996 Lee Chang-ho Ma Xiaochun
1997 Kobayashi Koichi O Rissei
1998 Lee Chang-ho Chang Hao
1999 Yoo Changhyuk Ma Xiaochun
2000 Cho Hunhyun Chang Hao
2001 Cho Hunhyun Choi Myung-Hoon
2002 Lee Sedol Yoo Changhyuk
2003 Lee Sedol Song Tae Kon
2004 Pak Yeong-hun Yoda Norimoto
2005 Lee Sedol Choi Cheol-han
2006 Park Jungsang Zhou Heyang
2007 Pak Yeong-hun Lee Chang-ho
2008 Gu Li Lee Chang-ho
2009 Kang Dongyun Lee Chang-ho
2010 Kong Jie Lee Sedol
2011 Park Junghwan Qiu Jun

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