Fuel Pump

A fuel pump is a frequently (but not always) essential component on a car or other internal combustion engined device. Many engines (older motorcycle engines in particular) do not require any fuel pump at all, requiring only gravity to feed fuel from the fuel tank through a line or hose to the engine. But in non-gravity feed designs, fuel has to be pumped from the fuel tank to the engine and delivered under low pressure to the carburetor or under high pressure to the fuel injection system. Often, carbureted engines use low pressure mechanical pumps that are mounted outside the fuel tank, whereas fuel injected engines often use electric fuel pumps that are mounted inside the fuel tank (and some fuel injected engines have two fuel pumps: one low pressure/high volume supply pump in the tank and one high pressure/low volume pump on or near the engine).

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... due either to a dead battery or due to a blocked fuel pump ... Ordinarily, we assume that battery death and fuel pump blockage are independent events, because of the essential modularity of such automotive systems ... knowing whether or not the battery is dead gives us no information about whether or not the fuel pump is blocked ...
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... Many jet engines, including rocket engines use a turbopump which is a centrifugal pump usually propelled by a gas turbine or in some cases a ram-air device (particularly ...
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... Fuel Primer Pump - A manual pump to add a small amount of fuel at the cylinder intakes to assist in starting a cold engine ... Fuel injected engines do not have this control ... For fuel injected engines, a fuel boost pump is used to prime the engine prior to start ...
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... Fuel systems (petrol/gasoline engines) Fuel pump vented — if the fuel pump diaphragm ruptures, then the excess fuel will be directed into the carburettor ... This kind of fuel pump is referred to as a marine fuel pump ... on the air intake (carburettor or electronic fuel injection) — a wire mesh screen on the spark arrestor cools any internal flame or spark created by back-fire, thereby preventing it ...
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... Tii's also have an extra fitting on the intake side of the engine block for an injection pump oil return line as well as an extra fitting on the oil filter head for the injection pump oil feed line ... Look for a complete, intact fuel injection system when identifying an original tii ... head (late 1972–1974 model year) has no fuel pump mounting holes on it for a standard 2002 mechanical fuel pump ...

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