FST may refer to:

  • Fenchurch Street railway station (from the National Rail code)
  • Fermanagh and South Tyrone (Assembly constituency)
  • Fermanagh and South Tyrone (UK Parliament constituency)
  • Field Sobriety Test
  • File Streaming Technology, Alesis' proprietary file format for the HD24 digital multitrack
  • Financial Secretary to the Treasury, a junior Ministerial position within HM Treasury
  • Finite state transducer, also known as a Mealy machine, a type of Finite state machine
  • Finlands Svenska Television (FST5), the Swedish language department of the Finnish Broadcasting Company
  • Fire Support Team, a sub-unit of the Royal Artillery
  • Fixation index (FST), a measure of population differentiation
  • Follistatin, a protein, an antagonist of activin
  • Forward Surgical Teams, US Army mobile medical units
  • Franciscan School of Theology
  • Fiber Splice Tray, a mechanical closure that fiber optic fusion and mechanical splices are placed in. FST are designed to provide a location to store and to protect the fiber cables and the splices.

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Fleet Survey Team
... Composed of approximately 65 military and civilian members, Fleet Survey Team (FST) is collocated with the Naval Oceanographic Office and Commander ... FST, an eschelon-five command since 2006, is tasked with performing an unparalleled function within the U.S ... FST gathers the needed information via timely, self-contained hydrographic surveys in response to combatant commanders’ requests ...
Timeline Of The 2007–08 South Pacific Cyclone Season - Timeline of Storms - April
... April 1800 ... UTC, (0600 FST, April 5) – RSMC Nadi reports that Tropical Disturbance 15F has formed about 1000 km, (620 mi) to the west of Vanuatu. 2300 UTC, (1100 FST, April 5) – RSMC Nadi reports that Tropical Disturbance 15F has intensified into a tropical depression ... April 0900 ... UTC, (2100 FST) – RSMC Nadi issues the final advisory on Tropical Depression 15F ...
File Streaming Technology - Limitations
... The FST file system uses unsigned 32-bit sector addressing, allowing it to work with drive capacities up to 2 Terabyte ... The file system has gone through two major revisions FST version 1.0 and the latest version, FST version 1.10 ... FST stores audio of several tracks in an interlaced/adjacent manner ...