• (noun): The face or front of a building.
    Synonyms: facade, frontage
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Leonardo Bianchi
... is remembered for his studies and experiments of the frontal lobe ... and dogs, after he surgically removed (ablation) the animals' frontal lobe ... He concluded from his experiments that the frontal lobe had more functionality than previously believed ...
Calliphora Loewi - Description
... The frontal area of the males head is narrower than the females ... Males also have bordering frontal orbital plates, whereas the females have frontal vita about three times the width of the frontal orbital plates ...
Metamemory - Physiological Influences - Neurological Disorders - Frontal Lobe Injury
... stages, but recent evidence suggests that the frontal lobe is involved ... Studies suggest that right frontal lobe, especially the medial frontal area, is important for metamemory ...
Ascus (bryozoa)
... It is a water-filled sac of frontal membrane opening (ascopore) at or near the zooid orifice ... system by allowing water into the space below the inflexible, calcified frontal wall (covering their whole frontal surface apart from the orifice) when the zooid everts its polypide (feeding tentacles) by muscles ...
... The zooids generally have at least one adventitious avicularia on their frontal wall near the orifice ... The frontal wall is usually covered with small pores and numerous larger pores along the margin ... numerous pores in the outer layer, and sits quite prominently on the frontal wall of the next zooid ...

More definitions of "frontal":

  • (adj): Meeting front to front.
    Example: "A frontal attack"
    Synonyms: head-on
  • (noun): An adornment worn on the forehead.
    Synonyms: frontlet
  • (adj): Of or adjacent to the forehead or frontal bone.
    Example: "The frontal lobes"
  • (noun): A drapery that covers the front of an altar.
  • (adj): Of or relating to the front of an advancing mass of air.
    Example: "Frontal rainfall"
  • (adj): Belonging to the front part.
    Example: "A frontal appendage"