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Toyota Mark II Blit
... Blit was the replacement of the Toyota Mark II Qualis, and shared a platform with the Mark II rear wheel drive sedan ... The Mark II Qualis was a rebadged (SXV20) Camry Gracia wagon, with front wheel drive ... Toyota's official Blit successor was a front wheel drive minivan, the Mark X Zio, from September, 2007 ...
List Of GM Transmissions - Automatic Transmissions - Turbo-Hydramatic
... The basic rear-wheel drive Turbo-Hydramatic spawned two front-wheel drive variants, the transverse Turbo-Hydramatic 125, and the longitudinal Turbo-Hydramatic 425 ... A third variant was the light-duty rear wheel drive Turbo-Hydramatic 180 used in many European models ... Heavy-duty rear wheel drive 1971–19?? 3L80HD (heavy duty version of TH400) Medium-duty rear wheel drive 1964–1992 Super Turbine 400/TH400/3L80 1969–1986 TH350/TH3 ...
Luxobarge - Characteristics
... The rear-wheel drive with longitudinal engines (FR) is a common layout of luxury cars ... European marques like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Jaguar have almost never adopted front-wheel drive and retained a lineup mostly or entirely made up of FR cars ... began eliminating their FR platforms in favor of the more economical front wheel drive transverse engine layout (FF) ...
Subaru R-2
... on the water-cooled R-2, adding a faux grille to the front of the vehicle that had no function other than a more modern appearance, as well as a corporate identity to the all new compact Subaru Leone ... Subaru continued with a rear engine platform so as to afford more trunk space up front and provide seating for four passengers, whereas competitors offered front engine front wheel drive vehicles to reduce noise ... In response to the rising popularity of front wheel drive front engine alternatives, Subaru offered a hatchback bodystyle February 16, 1970 ...
List Of GM Transmissions - Automatic Transmissions - Electronic Hydra-Matics
... E" for Electronic "HD" for Heavy Duty First-generation longitudinal (Rear Wheel drive) 1991–2001 4L30-E — 4-speed light-duty (used in BMW ... Second-generation longitudinal (Rear Wheel drive) 2000–2007 5L40-E/5L50 — 5-speed medium-duty (used in Cadillac's Sigma vehicles) 2007– 6L45/6L50 ...

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