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Peter Westbrook - Biography - Olympics
... the strip in Los Angeles for my final match against the Frenchman Herve Grangér-Vernon, my adrenaline is pumping… As the match begins, I get the first touch ... Soon enough, as soon as the thought crosses my mind, the Frenchman gets two point on me ... The Frenchman falls to his knees crying.” ...
Treasure Beach - Frenchman's Bay
... Not to be confused with Frenchman's Cove, Jamaica ... Frenchman's Bay is the second beach and settlement reached when approaching Treasure Beach from Black River or Santa Cruz ...
Frenchman's Cay
... Frenchman's Cay is an island of the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean ... Frenchman's Cay is connected to the main island of Tortola by a very short bridge to Tortola's West end ... Frenchman's Cay has a number of houses, two restaurants, a marina, and a hotel on it ...
Frenchman Creek - History
... Various mills and irrigation works have been built on Frenchman Creek ... Champion Mill was built on the Frenchman in 1888 by Thomas Scott ... Frenchman Creek flows into Enders Reservoir near the village of Enders, Nebraska ...
Frenchman Flat
... Frenchman Flat is a hydrographic basin in the Nevada National Security Site south of Yucca Flat and north of Mercury, Nevada ... has a 5.8 sq mi (15 km2) dry lake bed (Frenchman Lake) that was used as a 1950s airstrip before it was chosen after the start of the Korean War for the ... on the flat) was the first continental US nuclear detonation after the 1945 Trinity test, and Frenchman Flat also had the only detonation of an American artillery-fired nuclear projectile in the 1953 ...

Famous quotes containing the word frenchman:

    A Frenchman may possibly be clean; an Englishman is conscientiously clean.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The Frenchman is first and foremost a man. He is likeable often just because of his weaknesses, which are always thoroughly human, even if despicable.
    Henry Miller (1891–1980)

    Hard if, though cast away for life with Yankees,
    A Frenchman couldn’t get his human rating!
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)