Freighter is a term for a vehicle or person that transports cargo, supplies, or goods.

The term freighter may refer to:

  • A cargo ship
  • A large motor vehicle used to transport goods, known as a truck in the US and a "lorry" in the UK
  • The combination of a tractor unit with a semi-trailer, sometimes called a "semi" or "semi-truck"
  • A cargo aircraft
  • An unmanned resupply spacecraft
  • A person or company engaged in the work of transporting freight

Other articles related to "freighter, freighters":

Convoy SC 121 - Battle
... U-230 torpedoed British freighter Egyptian on the night of 6-7 March ... British freighter Empire Impala stopped to rescue survivors and was torpedoed after dawn by U-591 ... U-190 torpedoed British freighter Empire Lakeland when the gale subsided on 8 March and four more stragglers were sunk by U-526, U-527, U-591, and U-642 ...
Convoy SL 125 - 30 October
... U-409 torpedoed British freighter Silverwillow while U-604 torpedoed British transport President Doumer and British freighter Baron Vernon ... British freighter Tasmania was damaged by U-659 and sunk by U-103 ... Norwegian freighter Alaska was damaged by U-510, but reached England safely with the help of newly arriving escorts ...
Meet Kevin Johnson - Plot
... Most of the episode takes place on the freighter "Kahana," moored offshore of the island where the plane crashed ... The freighter is owned by Charles Widmore (Alan Dale), who is intent on extracting the Others' leader Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) ... Captain Gault (Grant Bowler) stops two crewmembers from deserting the freighter in a raft ...
Convoy SC 94 - Attack of 8 August
... U-379 torpedoed British freighter Anneberg and American freighter Kaimoku on the afternoon of 8 August while U-176 torpedoed British freighters Kelso and Trehata and Greek freighter Mount Kassion ... One of them, the British freighter Radchurch, was later torpedoed by U-176 ...