Free Jimmy

Free Jimmy (No: Slipp Jimmy fri) is a Norwegian/British computer animated feature film first released in Norwegian in 2006, and later in English in 2008. The film was written and directed by acclaimed Norwegian subculture comic book artist Christopher Nielsen. The plot is an adult-oriented black comedy which explores a wide number of themes, amongst them freedom, nature, tragedy, crime, greed, materialism, urban decay, drug abuse and animal cruelty. A large number of the characters in the film are from director Christopher Nielsen's dark humor-laden comic books.

Free Jimmy was Norway's first computer animated film, and costing in excess of 120 million Norwegian kroner it is the second most expensive Norwegian film to date, behind Max Manus. Several British CGI studios were involved in the production of Free Jimmy, although the film was mostly a Norwegian production. The voice actors for the original Norwegian version included Kristopher Schau, Jan Sælid, Are&Odin, Egil Birkeland, Terje Ragner, Anders T. Andersen and Mikkel Gaup.

British comedy writer and actor Simon Pegg wrote a screenplay for the wider English-speaking world which was subsequently released on DVD on 7 October 2008 by BreakThru Films. Pegg voiced a major character in the English language version. Other voice actors in this version made up an international ensemble cast that includes Woody Harrelson, David Tennant, Kyle MacLachlan, Emilia Fox, Samantha Morton, Jim Broadbent, James Cosmo, Phil Daniels and Jay Simpson.

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