Free French Naval Forces

Free French Naval Forces

Les Forces Navales Françaises Libres ("Free French Naval Forces") were the naval arm of the Free French Forces during the Second World War. They were commanded by Admiral Emile Muselier.

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French Submarine Surcouf (N N 3) - Free French Naval Forces
... By August 1940, the British completed Surcouf's refit and turned her over to the Free French Navy (Forces Navales Françaises Libres, FNFL) for convoy patrol ... Because of the British-French tensions with regard to the submarine, accusations were made by each side that the other was spying for Vichy France the British also claimed that Surcouf ... by a German plane at Devonport on 28 July, Surcouf went to the United States Naval Shipyard at Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a three-month refit ...
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... List of ships of the Free French Naval Forces. ...

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