Free Energy

Free energy may refer to:

In science:

  • Thermodynamic free energy, the energy in a physical system that can be converted to do work, in particular:
    • Helmholtz free energy, the energy that can be converted into work at a constant temperature and volume
    • Work content, a related concept used in chemistry
    • Gibbs free energy, the energy that can be converted into work at a uniform temperature and pressure throughout a system
  • Variational free energy, a construct from Information theory that is used in Variational Bayesian methods

In pseudoscience:

  • Free energy device, a hypothetical device that creates energy in a hypothetical isolated system, i.e. without any external input, thereby contradicting the laws of thermodynamics
  • Free energy suppression, a conspiracy theory that advanced energy technologies are being suppressed by special interest groups

In music

  • Free Energy (band), a 5-piece rock band on DFA Records

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... In the spinodal region of the phase diagram, the free-energy can be lowered by allowing the components to separate, thus increasing the relative ... small regions will shrink away due to the energy cost in maintaining an interface between two dissimilar component materials ... of -type and -type materials, the Landau free-energy is a good approximation of the free-energy near the critical point and is often used to study homogeneous quenches ...
Surface Stress
... A similar term called “surface free energy”, which represents the excess free energy per unit area needed to create a new surface, is easily confused with “surface stress” ... Although surface stress and surface free energy of liquid-gas or liquid-liquid interface are the same, they are very different in solid–gas or solid–solid interface, which will be discussed in details later ...
Langmuir Adsorption Model - Derivations of The Langmuir Adsorption Isotherm - Statistical Mechanical Derivation
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Famous quotes containing the words energy and/or free:

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    Emile Durkheim (1858–1917)

    That’s free enterprise, friends: freedom to gamble, freedom to lose. And the great thing—the truly democratic thing about it—is that you don’t even have to be a player to lose.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)