Franken may refer to:

  • Franks, medieval Germanic tribes
  • Franconia, a region in Bavaria, Germany
  • Franconia (wine region), one of the 13 wine regions of Germany
  • Franken, Haut-Rhin, a commune of the Haut-Rhin département of France
  • Franc, a currency unit
  • An alternative name used in Germany for wine made from the Silvaner grape (Frankenwein)


  • Al Franken (born 1951), United States satirist and junior Senator from Minnesota
  • Bob Franken correspondent for CNN
  • Frans Franken I (1542–1616), Flemish painter.
  • Franken Fran, a Japanese manga and a fictional character
  • Franken Stein, a Japanese manga/anime fictional character

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