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Frank Jargon

Frank often incorporates custom jargon and phrasing in articles. Examples include referring to news readers as "bingo callers", public relations staff were referred to as "bum boys" and "fartcatchers". When the magazine alluded to two famous Canadians having sexual relations, it would refer to them as "horizontal mambo partners", while gay public figures — whether publicly out or not — were often referred to as "homosexualists", or "avid pianists" (if male) and "sushi enthusiasts" (if female).

Frank also referred to many of Canada's elite in a derogatory manner based upon their personalities, name, or other unique characteristics. Prime Ministers were always referred to by nicknames such as Byron Muldoon or Jean Crouton rather than their real names.

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    The first man to discover Chinook salmon in the Columbia, caught 264 in a day and carried them across the river by walking on the backs of other fish. His greatest feat, however, was learning the Chinook jargon in 15 minutes from listening to salmon talk.
    State of Oregon, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)