Fourth Amendment

Fourth Amendment may refer to the:

  • Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, prohibiting unreasonable searches and seizures
  • Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland, which lowered the voting age from twenty-one to eighteen
    • Fourth Amendment of the Constitution Bill, 1968, a failed attempt to amend the Irish constitution by abolishing proportional representation elections
  • Constitution Alteration (Social Services) Act, 1946, the fourth amendment to the Constitution of Australia, which extended the powers of the federal government over social services
  • Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of South Africa, which made technical changes related to the election of provincial legislature and the National Council of Provinces

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List Of United States Supreme Court Cases By The Rehnquist Court
321 (1987) probable cause relating to the plain view doctrine under the Fourth Amendment United States v ... due process, the takings clause of the 5th Amendment O'Connor v. 709 (1987) Fourth Amendment rights of public employees Tison v ...
Stored Communications Act - Constitutionality of Compelled Government Disclosure
... the same as would be provided by the Fourth Amendment—or potentially less, since notice can be delayed indefinitely in 90-day increments ... Orin Kerr argues that, "the SCA was passed to bolster the weak Fourth Amendment privacy protections that applied to the Internet ... Incorporating those weak Fourth Amendment principles into statutory law makes little sense." In Warshak v U.S ...
Mitchell V. Forsyth
297 (Keith), ruled that the Fourth Amendment does not permit warrantless wiretaps in cases involving domestic threats to the national security ... to which he had been subjected violated the Fourth Amendment and Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act ... of the wiretap in question notwithstanding his actions violated the Fourth Amendment ...
Stored Communications Act
... The Fourth Amendment to the U.S ... applied to information stored online, the Fourth Amendment's protections are potentially far weaker ... In part, this is because the Fourth Amendment defines the "right to be secure" in spatial terms that do not directly apply to the "reasonable expectation of ...

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    Every family should extend First Amendment rights to all its members, but this freedom is particularly essential for our kids. Children must be able to say what they think, openly express their feelings, and ask for what they want and need if they are ever able to develop an integrated sense of self. They must be able to think their own thoughts, even if they differ from ours. They need to have the opportunity to ask us questions when they don’t understand what we mean.
    Stephanie Martson (20th century)

    For the Lord thy God is a jealous God among you.
    Bible: Hebrew Deuteronomy, 6:15.

    The words are also found in Exodus 20:5, referring to the second commandment: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image ... for I the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.”