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SARIO - Foreign Trade Section
... The foreign trade section conducts activities to support export and develop foreign trade ... Some of the top priorities are participation in general and specialized expositions and trade fairs, setting up trade delegations to other countries, receiving foreign ... Expositions and trade fairs – Participation in expositions and trade fairs allows the promotion of Slovakia and Slovak entrepreneurs and agencies to take ...
Foreign Trade Of Vietnam - History
... continued to regulate and control all foreign trade ... The Ministry of Foreign Trade managed trade and was responsible for issuing of import and export licences and approving any departures from the formal economic plan on an ad hoc basis ... The role of planning in foreign trade became increasingly significant after June 1978, when the country formally joined the Soviet-sponsored Council for Mutual Economic ...
Economic History Of The People's Republic Of China - Economic Policies, 1949-80 - Reform of The Economic System, Beginning in 1978 - Foreign Trade
... Foreign trade was small by international standards but was growing rapidly in size and importance, as it represented 20 percent of GNP in 1985 ... Trade was controlled by the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade and subordinate units and by the Bank of China, the foreign exchange arm of the ... Substantial decentralization and increased flexibility in foreign trade operations occurred since the late 1970s ...
Ministry Of Commerce And Industry (India) - Department of Commerce
... The department is entrusted with formulating and implementing the foreign trade policy and responsibilities relating to multilateral and bilateral ... Administrative and General Division Finance Division Economic Division Trade Policy Division Foreign Trade Territorial Division State Trading Infrastructure Division Supply Division Plantation ...
Academy Of Foreign Trade In Lwów
... Academy of Foreign Trade in Lwów (Polish Akademia Handlu Zagranicznego we Lwowie, AHZ) was one of four colleges in the city of Lwów in the interbellum period ... It existed between the years 1937-1939 and was based on the Foreign Trade College (Wyższa Szkola Handlu Zagranicznego), active from 1922 till 1937 ... First trade college in the city of Lwów was a 3-year, state-sponsored school, founded in 1817 and which in 1845 was named Academy of Trade ...

Famous quotes containing the words trade and/or foreign:

    People run away from the name subsidy. It is a subsidy. I am not afraid to call it so. It is paid for the purpose of giving a merchant marine to the whole country so that the trade of the whole country will be benefitted thereby, and the men running the ships will of course make a reasonable profit.... Unless we have a merchant marine, our navy if called upon for offensive or defensive work is going to be most defective.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    the young men who watch us from the curbs:
    They hold the glaze of wonder in their stare
    Our crooked backs, hands fetid as old herbs,
    The tallow eyes, wax face, the foreign hair!
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)