Foothill Transit - Bus Fleet - Active


Year Model Length Width Numbers Fleet Picture Fuel Type Notes
2000 Gillig Advantage 40' 102" F1100-F1176 77 Diesel Run from the Irwindale Yard. Some Retired.
2002 Orion V 40' 102" F1200-F1265 66 CNG Suburban seating. Used almost exclusively on Lines 292, 493, 497, 498, 499, 699, 853, 854, and 855 during the weekday peak hours. Run from the Pomona Yard. Also used on various local lines when they are not needed on express services as well as Rose Bowl & Hollywood Bowl services.
2003 Orion V 40' 102" F1300-F1350 51 CNG Run from the Pomona Yard.
2004 NABI 40-LFW 40' 102" F1400-F1474 75 CNG F1400-F1447 run from the Pomona Yard. F1448-F1474 run from the Irwindale Yard.
2006 NABI 40-LFW 40' 102" F1500-F1509 10 CNG Run from the Irwindale Yard.
2007 NABI 60-BRT 60' 102" F1600-F1629 30 CNG These buses are used exclusively on the Silver Streak, except on weekends. Run from the Irwindale Yard.
2009 NABI 42-BRT 42' 102" F1700-F1729 30 CNG Suburban seating. Used on the Silver Streak on weekends. F1700-F1724 run from the Irwindale Yard. F1725-F1729 run from the Pomona Yard.
2010 NABI 42-BRT 42' 102" F1800-F1811 12 CNG Suburban seating. Some used on the Silver Streak on weekends.
2010 Proterra BE35 35' 102" F2001-F2003 3 Electric Branded as "Ecoliners" by Foothill Transit, soon to enter service on Line 291. It is the world’s first heavy duty, fast charging electric bus
2012 NABI 42-BRT 42' 102" F1900-F1913 14 CNG Suburban seating.

Because Foothill Transit retires most of their buses at the 12-year FTA minimum standard, many of their buses are sold off or leased to other authorities and operate for years afterwards. Notable lessees include Valley Metro (Phoenix), Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Arizona State University, Monterey-Salinas Transit, Gold Coast Transit, Glendale Beeline, Santa Cruz Metro, Benicia Breeze, and Amtrak California (operated by SFO Airporter).

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