Folk Dances

Folk Dances

The term folk dance describes dances that share some or all of the following attributes:

  • They are dances performed at social functions by people with little or no professional training, often to traditional music or music based on traditional music.
  • They are not designed for public performance or the stage, although traditional folkdances may be later arranged and set for stage performances.
  • Their execution is dominated by an inherited tradition rather than by innovation (although like all folk traditions they do change over time)
  • New dancers often learn informally by observing others and/or receiving help from others.

More controversially, some people define folk dancing as dancing for which there is no governing body or dancing for which there are no competitive or professional performances.

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Famous quotes containing the words dances and/or folk:

    Annie: Dances like Pavaliver, that child.
    George Grainger: Dances like who?
    Annie: Pavaliver—the Russian dancer. Don’t be so ignorant.
    Reginald Berkeley (1890–1935)

    An’ when the earth’s as cauld’s the mune
    An’ a’ its folk are lang syne deid,
    On coontless stars the Babe maun cry
    An’ the Crucified maun bleed.
    Hugh MacDiarmid (1892–1978)