Fluent can refer to:

  • fluent (mathematics), in mathematics, a continuous function
  • fluent (artificial intelligence), in artificial intelligence, a condition that varies over time
  • Fluent, Inc., a company that develops software for computational fluid dynamics
  • Fluent interface, a software engineering object-oriented construct
  • Fluent (user interface), introduced in the 2007 Microsoft Office system
  • fluency, in linguistics, the ability to communicate quickly.

Other articles related to "fluent":

Learning To Read - Reading Development - Fluent, Comprehending Reader
... The next stage in reading development is the fluent, comprehending reader stage, in which children shift from learning to read, to reading to learn ... development that teachers and parents can be tricked by fluent-sounding reading into thinking that a child understands everything that he or she is reading ... While learning to read, one of the most powerful moments is when fluent comprehending readers learn to enter into the lives of imagined heroes and heroines ...
Tongva Language
... The last fluent native speakers of Tongva lived in the early 20th century, but no evidence to this time and date can prove a fluent speaker in the last 150 years ... late as in the 1970s, but there is no independent verification of these individuals having been fluent speakers ...
Shuswap Language - Language Revitalization and Technology
... A November 2012 article estimated about 150 fluent speakers, mostly over 65, and described how the Secwepemc Cultural Education Society was close to releasing "Nintendo DSi software that teaches Secwepemctsin ... A language authority of ten elder fluent speakers, from East, West, and the North, are recording pronunciation ... Thompson Rivers University began offering a SecwepemctsĂ­n language class taught by fluent speaker Janice Billy ...
Renaissance Learning - Reading Software - Fluent Reader
... Fluent Reader allows students to practice reading texts out loud, into the computer, to diagnose their reading and pronunciation capabilities ... Fluent Reader uses the Renaissance Place framework and other software for its recording capabilities ...

Famous quotes containing the word fluent:

    It may be that the ignorant man, alone,
    Has any chance to mate his life with life
    That is the sensual, pearly spouse, the life
    That is fluent in even the wintriest bronze.
    Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    Greek is the embodiment of the fluent speech that runs or soars, the speech of a people which could not help giving winged feet to its god of art. Latin is the embodiment of the weighty and concentrated speech which is hammered and pressed and polished into the shape of its perfection, as the ethically minded Romans believed that the soul also should be wrought.
    Havelock Ellis (1859–1939)