Flight Sergeant

Flight sergeant (Flt Sgt, F/Sgt, or FS) is a senior non-commissioned rank in the British Royal Air Force and several other air forces which have adopted all or part of the RAF rank structure. It is equivalent to a staff sergeant in the British Army and has a NATO rank code of OR-7.

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Graffigny-Chemin - Location
... The third survivor, Canadian Flight Sergeant Paul Bell,the aircraft's rear gunner, was slightly wounded and spent the next ten days in the nearby village of ... Flight Sergeant Bell set off with Tom Hervel - the flight Engineer of a Lancaster bomber which crashed nearby a week later - for Switzerland ... Flight Sergeant Bell was killed the following March when his aircraft, returning from a training flight, was shot down close to its base in the UK by a German aircraft ...
Flight Sergeant - Usage
... In the RAF, Flight Sergeant ranks above Chief Technician and below Warrant Officer ... The insignia for aircrew flight sergeants has an eagle in between the chevrons and the crown ... Rank badge of a Royal Air Force flight sergeant Rank badge of a Royal Air Force aircrew flight sergeant Flight Sergeant as it appears on Dress Uniform Flight Sergeant Air Crew as it appears on Dress Uniform Apart ...
Stan Woodbridge - The Other Crew Members
... Leader James Wilson Bradley DFC, pilot (survived) Flight Sergeant Leslie Bellingan, 2nd pilot (beheaded) Flying Officer Allan Graham Jeffrey, navigator (survived ...
Air Training Corps - Adult Staff - NCOs and WOs
... Until recently, the ranks of adult NCOs/WOs were Adult Sergeant, Adult Flight Sergeant and Adult Warrant Officer (abbreviated to A/Sgt ... The ranks of Adult NCOs/WOs are now Sergeant (ATC) Flight Sergeant (ATC) Warrant Officer (ATC) These are abbreviated to Sgt (ATC), FSgt (ATC) and WO (ATC ... are often still referred to using the old style ranks, such as Adult Sergeant X, and their ranks are sometimes mistakenly abbreviated according to the old system (i.e ...
Chief Technician
... It is between sergeant and flight sergeant and, like the latter has a NATO code of OR-7 ... trades progress directly from sergeant to flight sergeant ... During that period it was equivalent to flight sergeant, but was made junior to that rank in 1964 ...

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