First Metatarsal Bone

The first metatarsal bone is the bone in the body of the foot just behind the big toe.

It is remarkable for its great thickness, and is the shortest of the metatarsal bones.

The body is strong, and of well-marked prismoid form.

The base presents, as a rule, no articular facets on its sides, but occasionally on the lateral side there is an oval facet, by which it articulates with the second metatarsal.

Its proximal articular surface is of large size and kidney-shaped; its circumference is grooved, for the tarsometatarsal ligaments, and medially gives insertion to part of the tendon of the Tibialis anterior; its plantar angle presents a rough oval prominence for the insertion of the tendon of the Peronæus longus.

The head is large; on its plantar surface are two grooved facets, on which glide sesamoid bones; the facets are separated by a smooth elevation.

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