Fire Sword

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Toa (Bionicle) - Main Toa Teams - Toa Mata/Toa Nuva - Tahu
... Rotating Blades, Nynrah Ghost Blaster, Fire Sword Kanohi Hau, Great Mask of Shielding (allows the user to protect them self and other from any known attack, does ... included a Kanohi Hau (the Mask of Shielding), and a Fire Sword to channel his Fire element ... His Fire Sword transformed into two Magma Swords, which served to channel his Fire element or serve as a lava or surfboard ...

Famous quotes containing the words sword and/or fire:

    ...and every sword was against the other, so that there was very great confusion.
    Bible: Hebrew, 1 Samuel 14:20.

    All praise of the hawk on fire in hawk-eyed dusk be sung,
    When his viperish fuse hangs looped with flames under the brand
    Wing, and blest shall
    Green chickens of the bay and bushes cluck, “dilly dilly,
    Come let us die.”
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)