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Dehn Function
... In the mathematical subject of geometric group theory, a Dehn function, named after Max Dehn, is an optimal function associated to a finite group presentation which bounds the area of a relation in that group (that ... Dehn function is a quasi-isometry invariant of a finitely presented group ... The Dehn function of a finitely presented group is also closely connected with non-deterministic algorithmic complexity of the word problem in groups ...
Van Kampen Diagram - Generalizations and Other Applications
... that there is a close connection between the geometry of the surface and certain group theoretical notions ... Annular diagrams, also known as conjugacy diagrams, can be used to represent conjugacy in groups given by group presentations ... Also spherical van Kampen diagrams are related to several versions of group-theoretic asphericity and to Whitehead's asphericity conjecture, Van Kampen diagrams ...
Word Problem For Groups - Unsolvability of The Uniform Word Problem
... The criterion, given above for the solvability of the word problem in a single group can be extended to a criterion for the uniform solvability of the ... The result is To solve the uniform word problem for a class K of groups it is sufficient to find a recursive function f(P,w) that takes a finite presentation P for a group G and ... In other words the uniform word problem for the class of all finitely presented groups with solvable word problem is unsolvable ...
Your Life In Their Hands
... Its first run lasted from 1958 to 1964 and was presented by Dr. 1970s revival (the first in colour) was presented by Jonathan Miller, and another revival, lasting from 1979 to 1987, was presented by Robert Winston ...
Dehn Function - Known Results
... A finitely presented group is word-hyperbolic group if and only if its Dehn function is equivalent to n, that is, if and only if every finite presentation of this group satisfies a ... Isoperimetric gap If a finitely presented group satisfies a subquadratic isoperimetric inequality then it is word-hyperbolic ... Thus there are no finitely presented groups with Dehn functions equivalent to nd with d ∈ (1,2) ...

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