Finitely Generated

In mathematics, finitely generated may refer to:

  • Finitely generated group
  • Finitely generated monoid
  • Finitely generated abelian group
  • Finitely generated module
  • Finitely generated ideal
  • Finitely generated algebra
  • Finitely generated space

Other articles related to "finitely generated, finitely, generated":

Structure Theorem For Finitely Generated Modules Over A Principal Ideal Domain
... In mathematics, in the field of abstract algebra, the structure theorem for finitely generated modules over a principal ideal domain is a generalization of the fundamental theorem of finitely generated abelian ...
Small Cancellation Theory - Applications
... Finitely presented C'(1/6) small cancellation groups are basic examples of word-hyperbolic groups ... Finitely presented groups given by finite C(4)–T(4) presentations where every piece has length one are basic examples of CAT(0) groups for such a presentation the universal cover ... with a proof that every countable group can be embedded into a simple group generated by an element of order two and an element of order three ...
Stallings Theorem About Ends Of Groups - Ends of Groups - Cuts and Almost Invariant Sets - Cuts and Splittings Over Finite Groups
... If G = H∗K where H and K are nontrivial finitely generated groups then the Cayley graph of G has at least one essential cut and hence e(G) > 1 ... A more precise version of this argument shows that for a finitely generated group G If G = H∗CK is a free product with amalgamation where C is a finite group ... If is an HNN-extension where C1, C2 are isomorphic finite subgroups of H then G is a finitely generated group and e(G) > 1 ...
Finitely-generated Algebra
... In mathematics, a finitely generated algebra is an associative algebra A over a field K where there exists a finite set of elements a1,…,an of A such that every ... emphasize the field K then the algebra is said to be finitely generated over K ... Algebras that are not finitely generated are called infinitely generated ...

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