Fining Agents

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Winemaking - Blending and Fining
... Fining agents are used during winemaking to remove tannins, reduce astringency and remove microscopic particles that could cloud the wines ... The winemakers decide on which fining agents are used and these may vary from product to product and even batch to batch (usually depending on the grapes of that particular year) ... has been used in winemaking for centuries and is recognized as a traditional method for wine fining, or clarifying ...
Clarification And Stabilization Of Wine - Clarifying Wine - Fining
... In winemaking, fining is the process where a substance (fining agent) is added to the wine to create an adsorbent, enzymatic or ionic bond with the suspended particles ... as dead yeast cells and grape fragments), fining can remove soluble substances such as polymerized tannins, coloring phenols and proteins some of these proteins can cause haziness in wines exposed to high ... Many substances have historically been used as fining agents, including dried blood powder, but today there are two general types of fining agents — organic compounds and solid/mineral materials ...

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