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Music Of The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Series - Albums - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers Original Soundtrack
... Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers Original Soundtrack is the soundtrack album of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Crystal Bearers ... "Crystal Bearers Ramble" クリスタルベアラーランブル 249 3 ... "Crystal Locomotive" セルキートレイン 232 34 ...
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King - Reception
5.0 of 10 IGN 7.5 of 10 Official Nintendo Magazine 88% RPGFan 84 of 100 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a King received a generally favorable response ... cited disappointment at not being able to undertake quests, calling it "a Final Fantasy game where you stay at home and send other people out to play Final Fantasy", and felt that elements of the ... saying "Of all the WiiWare titles to date, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a King is easily the most ambitious game on the wii and cheap ...
Music Of The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Series
... The Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles video game series consists of Crystal Chronicles, a spin-off of the main Final Fantasy series, its sequel Ring of Fates, and ... Crystal Chronicles, Ring of Fates, and Echoes of Time have had released soundtrack albums to date, and Crystal Chronicles and Ring of Fates each have an associated single ... Hidenori Iwasaki is filling that role for The Crystal Bearers ...
Kupo??? - Recurring Species and Races - Moogle
... Mōguri?) are small creatures that appear in several Square Enix game series, including the Final Fantasy series, the Mana series, the Chocobo series, and the ... Variations can be seen in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series, where they have a different body shape, lacking a distinct head and torso ... Also, in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy XII they have longer, rabbit-like ears and beige to gray fur ...

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