Filename Extension

A filename extension is a suffix (separated from the base filename by a dot) to the name of a computer file applied to indicate the encoding (file format) of its contents or usage. Examples of filename extensions are .png, .jpeg, .exe, .dmg and .txt.

Some file systems limit the length of the extension (such as the FAT file system (without Long filename support) not allowing more than three characters) while others (such as NTFS) do not. Unix filesystems accept the separator dot as a legal character.

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... M4A stands for MPEG 4 Audio and is a filename extension used to represent audio files ... The existence of two different filename extensions.MP4 and.M4A, for naming audio-only MP4 files has been a source of confusion among users and multimedia ... applications of a file based on its filename extension ...
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... In network contexts, files are regarded as streams of bits and do not have filenames or extensions ... Because there is no standard mapping between filename extensions and internet media types, mismatches in file type interpretation between authors, web servers, and ... For instance, a content author may specify a.svgz extension on a compressed Scalable Vector Graphics file, but a web server which does not recognize this extension may not send the proper content type of application ...
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