Field Strength

In physics, the field strength of a field is the magnitude of its vector value.

In theoretical physics, field strength is another name for the curvature form. For the electromagnetic field, the curvature form is an antisymmetric matrix whose elements are the electric field and magnetic field: the electromagnetic tensor.

In radio frequency telecommunications, field strength is the magnitude of the received electromagnetic field which will excite a receiving antenna and thereby induce a voltage at a specific frequency in order to provide an input signal to a radio receiver for such applications as cellular, broadcasting, wi-fi and a wide variety of other radio-related applications.

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Audio Induction Loop - Technical Standards
... An objective of the field strength requirements of standards for AFILs is to make the perceived loudness of sound from the loop the same as from the microphone in the hearing aid ... This is the basis of the average field strength of 100mA/m used to generate today's performance standards around the world ... This is based on the principle that the long term average of the field strength at a typical listening location must be 100mA/m, +- 3dB ...
Surface Power Density - Applications - Electromagnetic Wave
... of this energy transfer depends on the strength of the EM field components ... unit area (power density) is the product of the electric field strength (E) times the magnetic field strength (H) ... E × H (Volts/meter × Amperes/meter) where Pd = the power density, E = the RMS electric field strength in volts per meter, H = the RMS magnetic field strength in amperes per meter ...
Antenna Factor
... the antenna factor is defined as the ratio of the incident electromagnetic field strength to the voltage V (units V or µV) on the line connection of an antenna ... For an electric field antenna, the field strength is in units of V/m or µV/m and the resulting antenna factor AF is in units of 1/m If all quantities are expressed logarithmically in decibels ... relationship between the electric and magnetic fields, see the impedance of free space ...
Earth's Field NMR - Applications
... or proton magnetometers, which produce magnetic resonance in a known sample in the magnetic field to be measured, measure the sample's resonant frequency, then calculate and display the field ... the structure of ice crystals in polar ice-fields, to rocks and hydrocarbons on-site ... Earth's field MRI scanners, which use the principle of magnetic resonance imaging ...

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