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List Of Ants Of Great Britain - Formicinae
... Gaster with five segments visible from above in females (workers and queens).Sting absent ... Fertilised queens start colonies through adoption by L ... Fertilised queens start colonies through adoption by Lasius alienus ...

Famous quotes containing the words start, fertilised and/or queens:

    Beauty stands and waits
    with gravity
    to start her death-defying leap
    Lawrence Ferlinghetti (b. 1919)

    The East is marvellously interesting for tracing our steps back. But for going forward, it is nothing. All it can hope for is to be fertilised by Europe, so that it can start on a new phase.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    The queers of the sixties, like those since, have connived with their repression under a veneer of respectability. Good mannered city queens in suits and pinstripes, so busy establishing themselves, were useless at changing anything.
    Derek Jarman (b. 1942)