Ferromagnetic Material

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Einstein–de Haas Effect - Description
... The effect corresponds to the mechanical rotation that is induced in a ferromagnetic material (of cylindrical shape and originally at rest), suspended with the aid of a ... To this mechanical rotation of the ferromagnetic material (say, iron) is associated a mechanical angular momentum, which, by the law of conservation of angular momentum, must be ... through the coil, leads to magnetisation of electron spins in the material (or to reversal of electron spins in an already magnetised ferromagnet — provided that the direction of ...
Magnetism - Topics - Ferromagnetism - Magnetic Domains
... The magnetic moment of atoms in a ferromagnetic material cause them to behave something like tiny permanent magnets ... This results in the ferromagnetic material's being magnetized, forming a permanent magnet ... all others to result in only one single domain, the material is magnetically saturated ...

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