Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis

The following is a list of magical objects used in Harry Potter. These objects exist for the use of the characters in the series by J. K. Rowling.

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Ron Weasley - Appearances - Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince
... To bolster Ron's confidence, Harry pretends to give him Felix Felicis, a potion which makes the drinker lucky believing he has actually taken it, Ron performs admirably and Gryffindor wins the match ... Harry also provides them with the remains of his vial of Felix Felicis, to aid them in the effort ... Thanks to Felix Felicis, Ron, Hermione and Ginny are unharmed by the Death Eater's hexes during the battle ...
Magical Objects In Harry Potter - Potions - Felix Felicis
... Felix Felicis, more commonly known as Liquid Luck, grants whoever drinks it unusually good luck ...
Felix Felicis - Other Uncategorised Objects - Wand
... A wand is made by a wandmaker who is learned in wandlore, the study of wands ... Wands are handcrafted from high-quality woods, or "wandwoods", which are capable of sustaining magic (e.g ...

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