A fee is the price one pays as remuneration for services. Fees usually allow for overhead, wages, costs, and markup.

Traditionally, professionals in Great Britain received a fee in contradistinction to a payment, salary, or wage, and would often use guineas rather than pounds as units of account. Under the feudal system, a Knight's fee was what was given to a knight for his service, usually the usage of land.

A contingent fee is an attorney's fee which is reduced or not charged at all if the court case is lost by the attorney.

A service fee, service charge, or surcharge is a fee added to a customer's bill. The purpose of a service charge often depends on the nature of the product and corresponding service provided. Examples of why this fee is charged are: travel time expenses, truck rental fees, liability and workers' compensation insurance fees, and planning fees. UPS and FedEx have recently begun surcharges for fuel.

Restaurants and banquet halls charging service charges in lieu of tips must distribute them to their wait staff in some US states (e.g., Massachusetts, New York, Montana), but in the State of Kentucky may keep them.

A fee may be a flat fee or a variable one, or part of a two-part tariff.

A membership fee is charged as part of a subscription business model.

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... Burke Act (1906), (Also known as the Forced Fee Patenting Act) was designed to correct certain defects in the General Allotment Act ("GAA") also known as the Dawes Act of 1887, under which ... the GAA to give the Secretary of the Interior the power to issue allotees a patent in fee simple to people classified ‘competent and capable.’ The people ... of managing his or her affairs at any time to cause to be issued to such allottee a patent in fee simple, and thereafter all restrictions as to sale, incumbrance, or taxation of said ...
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... are charged tuition and matriculation, when can themselves be considered fees charged per credit hour ... However, the term student fees typically refers to additional charges which the student is required to pay, typically no matter how many hours the student is taking in the academic term ... Commonly this is a student activity fee, which helps to fund student organisations, particularly those which are academic in nature and those which serve all students equally, like student government and ...
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... The majority in this case found that the retail fee in this case breached section 92 in being protectionist and discriminatory ... The judges viewed the retail fee in isolation, and discounted the existence of the fee on wholesalers ... It was possible that other states could impose a retail fee of their own if the interstate fee was higher, this would only serve to compound the problem, while if it were lower, this additional fee ...

Famous quotes containing the word fee:

    ..for a prostitute’s fee is only a loaf of bread, but the wife of another stalks a man’s very life.
    Bible: Hebrew, Proverbs 6:26.

    As a general rule never take your whole fee in advance, nor any more than a small retainer. When fully paid beforehand, you are more than a common mortal if you can feel the same interest in the case, as if something was still in prospect for you, as well as for your client.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    I like to be in America!
    OK by me in America!
    Ev’rything free in America
    For a small fee in America!
    Stephen Sondheim (b. 1930)