Federal Reserve Board

  • (noun): The 7-member board governing the Federal Reserve System.

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Robert Latham Owen - Political Career - Banking Issues and Formation of The Federal Reserve
... See also Federal Reserve System, Federal Reserve Act and History of the Federal Reserve System Owen entered the Senate at a time of heightened concern over the volatility of the US financial system, as ... states, including — from 1908 onward — Oklahoma (in the event, federal deposit insurance was not adopted until 1933) ... with the administration of President Woodrow Wilson, Owen was to be the Senate sponsor of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, also known as the Glass-Owen Act, which created the Federal Reserve System ...
Glass–Steagall Act - ”Ring Fencing” Proposal in United Kingdom As Glass–Steagall Substitute - Glass–Steagall and “firewalls”
... credit of the United States” through the “federal safety net” for banks, despite the Treasury Department’s assurance that “firewalls” between the bank and its ... to affiliates the subsidy arising from the institutions’ access to the federal safety net,” but the Federal Reserve Board’s exemptions allowed ... The Federal Reserve Board’s General Counsel has defended these actions by arguing that all the Section 23A exemptions required that bank funding be “fully collateralized” on a daily ...
List Of Legislation Sponsored By Ron Paul - Economy - Sound Money/Federal Reserve
... Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act ... Abolishes the Federal Reserve Board and its banks and repeals the Federal Reserve Act. 5103, the legal tender law that currently mandates acceptance of Federal Reserve notes as legal tender, in accord with hard money policy ...
Kevin Warsh - Career - Federal Reserve Board
... At 35 years old, Warsh was the youngest appointment in the history of the Federal Reserve ... announced his intent to resign from the Board in a letter sent to President Obama on February 10, 2011, effective around or on March 31, 2011 ...
Glass–Steagall Act - Financial Industry Developments After Repeal of Sections 20 and 32 - Banking, Insurance, and Securities Industries Remain Structurally Unchanged
... In November 2003 the Federal Reserve Board and the Treasury Department issued to Congress a report (Joint Report) on the activities of the “financial holding companies” (FHCs) authorized by the ... In a speech delivered shortly before the Joint Report was released, Federal Reserve Board Vice Chairman Roger Ferguson stated that the Federal Reserve had “not been able to uncover any evidence that the ... within the banking industry, not across sectors.” Within the banking industry, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan testified to Congress in 2004 ...

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