Fatigue may refer to:

  • Fatigue (material), structural damage from repeated loading
  • Fatigue (medical), a state of physical and/or mental weakness
  • Fatigue (safety), safety implications of tiredness
  • Fatigue (military duty), work of a non-military nature such as construction of fortifications or clean up of grounds
  • Fatigues (uniform) or battledress, a military uniform
  • Information fatigue, impairment caused by excessive information
  • Voter fatigue, public apathy about elections
  • Combat stress reaction of battle fatigue, a military term which is generally short-term
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder or battle fatigue, a medical term for a long-term disorder

Other articles related to "fatigue":

Thermo-mechanical Fatigue - Failure Mechanisms
... There are three mechanisms acting in thermo-mechanical fatigue Creep is the flow of material at high temperatures Fatigue is crack growth and propagation due to repeated loading Oxidation is a change in the ... Fatigue alone is the driving cause of failure in this case, causing the material to fail before oxidation can have much of an effect ... Williams, A review of thermo-mechanical fatigue behaviour in polycrystalline nickel superalloys for turbine disc applications, Materials at High Temperatures, 2013, 30, 1 ...
Low Plasticity Burnishing
... for improved damage tolerance and metal fatigue life extension ... Improved fretting fatigue and stress corrosion performance has been documented, even at elevated temperatures where the compression from other metal ... layer of compressive residual stress has also been shown to improve high cycle fatigue (HCF) and low cycle fatigue (LCF) performance ...
Low Plasticity Burnishing - History
... in Eastern Europe, to improve fatigue life ... Improvements in HCF, corrosion fatigue and SCC are documented, with fatigue strength enhancement attributed to improved finish, the development of a compressive ... and showed improved damage tolerance as well as high and low cycle fatigue performance by an order of magnitude ...
Central Governor - Other Areas
... processes involved might also underlie the existence of other kinds of fatigue This new interpretation is the first to allow a more reasonable description of a number of ... These include, among many others, the chronic fatigue syndrome, in which affected individuals experience evident fatigue at rest, and the role of ... placebos (which must be mediated by a central process) have a powerful effect upon not only fatigue in prolonged exercise, but also upon short term endurance exercise such as sprint speed, the ...
Central Governor - Noakes
... units, a control which is subjectively experienced as fatigue ... performance is centrally regulated by the CNS, then fatigue should no longer be considered a physical event but rather a sensation or emotion, separate ... Rather we now suggest that the physical manifestation of any increasing perception of fatigue may simply be an alteration in the subconsciously regulated pace at which the ...

Famous quotes containing the word fatigue:

    He is asleep. He knows no longer the fatigue of the work of deciding, the work to finish. He sleeps, he has no longer to strain, to force himself, to require of himself that which he cannot do. He no longer bears the cross of that interior life which proscribes rest, distraction, weaknesshe sleeps and thinks no longer, he has no more duties or chores, no, no, and I, old and tired, oh! I envy that he sleeps and will soon die.
    Albert Camus (1913–1960)

    I thank heaven that the 4th. of July is over. It is always a day of great fatigue to me, and of some embarrassments from improper intrusions and some from unintended exclusions.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)